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Affected by the continued spread of the overseas pandemic, the global market environment is increasingly unstable, and the overseas promotion of ultrasonic flow measurement products remains severe. However, risks and opportunities are two sides of the same coin. In response to the pandemic, Huizhong quickly adjusted its overseas promotion strategy and actively reversed its marketing layout, creating a new marketing situation in the post-epidemic era.


Shipment volume of water meters under the epidemic hit a new peak


Relying on excellent product performance and high-quality market services, Huizhong's NB-IoT ultrasonic water meter and Sigfox ultrasonic water meter have shined overseas, and the shipment volume has reached a new peak. It also expanded the coverage of Huizhong's global market.


While continuously optimizing its technical strength and improving product advantages, Huizhong has gradually upgraded its service model and built a global service system, striving to fullfill customers with service and promote development with innovation.


Continuous transformation of overseas strategy


While achieving gratifying results in overseas expansion, Huizhong stock further dug the potential of overseas markets, innovated market development models, expanded sales channels, began to layout emerging regions, and recruited partners from all over the world to improve local after-sales motorized capabilities while cutting into new markets. The diversified layout in multiple regions will surely become a new opportunity and a new growth point for Huizhong's overseas trade.


Seize opportunities and embrace changes. In the post-epidemic era, Huizhong will continue to adjust its strategy, elaborate the layout, diversify the expansion of the international market, and achieve the stable, efficient, and high-quality development of overseas trade while deepening its advantages in the market.